eSigns API for Developer

The electronic signature & digital dignature, eSigns. We have already service an API that supports for developers. If you have your own software or system for an electronic document that would like to add some digital signature for your system.

This image below illustrates the workflow or how our api works for some document product interm of PDF/A-3 file.  

You can create the PDF/A3 file, and include both the XML file and the digital signature by this command,

curl -X POST “” -H “Content-Type: multipart/form-data” -H “API-Key:<your api key>” -F “file=@<pdf file path>” -F “file=@<xml file path>”

The API Document

For using how to create the PDF/A3 (include both the XML and the digital signature) or you can click into

API ของ eSigns

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