As well know a statemant or a bank statement or an account statement is  a summary of financial transactions that occurred which issued by a bank, a securities company, or a credit card company.

An e-Statement is a statement in term of an electronic document that signed by that digital signature.

The digital signature has anthentication, data confidentialy, non-repudiation, and data integrity.

Our service could support the e-Statement by the digital signature menu on our eSigns application.

Advantages of the e-Statement

1. Reliability 

The document is signed by the digital signature. This reason due to the e-signature is the security signature type that is the digital signature is encrypted and secured.   

You can check the digital signature on the PDF document via https://check.esigns.cloud.

2. Easy to use

Because  the e-Statement is performed in term of digital such as the PDF file. Convenient by via dowloading, e-mail or other application. 

3. Simplify

In these reason are cost reduction, and include both saving time and energy. 


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