Our Services


1. Electronic Signature

An electronic signature can be replaced with a handwritten signature, or other signs. We support signature, text typing, certified true copy, check box, and stamp.

2. Digital Signature

Our digital signature suports both PDF and XML. User can install .pfx .p12 certificate from certificate authority (CA) or self sign certificate.

3. e-Tax Invoice/Receipt

The e-Tax Invoice/Receipt is the invoice/receipt that be signed by the digital signature.

4. e-Certificate

We have already the e-Certificate service for using or you can use via our API service.

5. e-Transcript

A digital transcript or e-Transcript is a transcript in term of the digital platforms is signed by the digital signature.

6. e-Statement

An e-Statement is a statement in term of an electronic document that signed by that digital signature which reliability, simplify and easy to use.

7. eSigns API for Developer

We have eSigns API that supputs for developers.