This article we will solve some problem of the verify signature of your digital signature as you can see as below. Althought your signature is verified.


1. Click on this area as the below.


2. After that click on the “Signature Details” .

Signature Details

3. Click on the “Certificate Details” then will show as below.

certificate details

4. Choose the “Trust” then click on the “Add to Trusted Certificates…”.

add to trusted certificates

5. Click on the “OK” when the box is appeared.


6. The certicate details shows as below. Please click on the “OK” then click the “OK” again then close the adobe acrobat reader. 


7. Open that pdf file with the adobe acrobat reader again. You will see the verify signature is verifed.


Written by Supaluck Singjan.

10th September 2021.